Clean Coal

Clean Coal – enzyme technology to organically convert traditional waste hydrocarbons to commercially viable higher valued coal.

Clean Coal has three primary objectives: to remediate hazardous waste sites, reduce contaminants and recycle such waste into safe, viable and cost effective by-products for one of the most important global industry.

Step One: Refine the coal

Clean Coal utilizes protein/enzyme technology to organically convert hydrocarbons to commercially higher value coal. This technology is used to purify all coal, stripping it of heavy metals and other contaminants such as sulfur, arsenic and mercury.  These heavy metals and contaminants are collected and then recycled for another use.

Three Step Process: Crush, Enzyme-Wash and Separate

  • We crush the coal to a fine powder form
  • We use our enzyme-wash technology to break the chemical bonds that hold the ash, sulfur and other   hazardous chemicals to the coal.
  • Using hydro cyclones, we separate the high grade coal from the ash and other chemicals.

Clean Coal takes coal lying on the ground in piles worth less than $2 per ton and transforms it to a coal with a substantially higher value and new purpose.  All discarded coal which can include: fines, ash and waste from slurry ponds are then cleaned in our enzyme bath resulting in a usable product, thus eliminating any coal being wasted.

This now cleaned coal is then mixed with other waste streams to form a perfect environmentally safe feedstock, which is then recycled into a very clean syngas utilizing our TG process within the URC system.  The syngas is then used to make electricity or HOLF & GLG by-products, which are all environmentally safe.

The enzymes from the process are then used as a fertilizer, resulting in 100% usage, no waste.


Step Two Remediate the land

We then remediate the land for re-vegetation. The by-product of the coal cleaning process is a sandy soil. This soil is fortified with the organic enzyme and is an excellent growing medium for most vegetation and forest.



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