The URC Impact

The positive impacts the VISTA URC TG/BES/GDC systems have around the world will be enormous, not just to the well-being of our home areas and quality of life, but will offer “financial” stability to regions of America and the world, which often in modern times are forgotten.


VISTA’s job creation mandate is that we are firmly focused on creating jobs here in America first and foremost, and secondly job creation internationally.  The majority of the components required for the VISTA URC TG/BES/GDC projects will be manufactured in America by VISTA owned and operated manufacturing plants. Those components will be used on projects here in the USA or exported to VISTA URC TG/BES/GDC projects internationally.


VISTA and its multi-national global organization share in a vision for its companies and America that often requires we relocate American talent to international locations to help operate our URC facilities around the world.  While at the same time we will employ as much local talent as possible within these countries, but our #1 focus is always the creation of millions of non-union US jobs first, then our local country partners in all sectors of business, especially manufacturing and operational of all our URC projects along with the Ultimate Renewable Energy Complex’s (UREC’s) at home and internationally.


VISTA’s process and products not only deal with resolving environmental problems, but the technologies will have a substantial impact in decreasing America’s and other countries dependence on foreign sources of oil.  In addition, VISTA’s model is to manufacture all components for the URC’s in U.S. based manufacturing plants that VISTA and/or affiliates own creating additional jobs in the U.S. and will export to the world as VISTA URC technology is adopted as “THE” new “Zero Carbon” benchmark globally.


Our Zero Carbon tagline of “Reducing the carbon footprint, one step at a time” is allowing us to set new global standards for which others have to play catch-up on a daily basis.  Due to our business model and technology advantage, we are establishing an even higher carbon credit value than what is commonly being used today.  With these results again the renewable energy industry are struggling to play catch up on a constant basis.

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