A Transformational Company


VISTA International, Inc. has brought Vision, Integrity, Science, Technology and Alternative energy solutions (VISTA) and various other technologies to the global market with team innovation, honesty, passion and project sustainability, for more than 30 years.

VISTA is a privately held organization of more than 30 years, and is committed to be the world’s leader in developing the most innovative and “Transformational” technologies in the world. This covers a broad spectrum of core industries for each of our global clients. VISTA recognizes the importance of strengthening America’s manufacturing sector and believes in the highest standards of manufacturing of our technologies in the USA for the benefit of our clients. While manufacturing maybe USA based, we always take into consideration local talent for employment at the project site and the use of local industries to maximize utilization of our resources.

VISTA is member of a Global Partnership called the Asia Pacific Partnership (APP), which was established as a private/public partnership between developing and developed countries working together with private industries to develop policies that would increase energy efficiency’s in all aspects of our lives and industries world-wide. VISTA was appointed (the only privately held organization) to the Renewable Energy and Distributed Generation Task Force in July 2007, which provided us with the opportunity to help influence policies not just within the USA, but the other 6 partner countries of China, India, South Korea, Japan, Australia and Canada.

VISTA’s Base Technologies

VISTA will provide our base technologies within the “Ultimate Recycling Center” which take all local municipal solid waste created by a community to be converted into a Syngas using our True Gasification (TG) technology. This Syngas can be used to fuel a generator to produce electricity for the local grid or converted into a high octane liquid fuel additive for most internal combustion engines. Our standard size module unit processes 250 tons of waste per day while generating approximately 14 MWh of electricity. VISTA utilizes all of the hydrocarbon-based waste materials delivered to our center and processes it to create a Refused Derived Fuel (RDF) feedstock, which will be used in our TG process.  All other waste including metals, glass, ceramic, sand and rock products will be recycled the old fashion way.

Many plants today utilize a process similar to Fischer-Tropsch for processing their waste; however this process has a major issue with Sulfur. VISTA and its affiliates have developed various technological processes that are more efficient and have no sulfur issues.  The combination of these two primary URC technologies and processes make up the core product lines which provide the highest percentage of net revenue and returns for our shareholders, associates and partners.

Each Ultimate Recycling Center (URC) location is completely indoors and incorporates – True Gasification (TG) & Bio-Energy Solution (BES) technologies within these structures; its State of the Art water treatment facility is also constructed on the same property regardless of location. In addition, and on the property we will have a Health & Fitness/Wellness Center for the employees, family & community. The Health Center utilizes the latest micro current technology and other non-invasive approaches to lowering the cost of providing a higher quality of life for everyone.

VISTA would like to share its technologies and resources to build a stronger America resulting in a stronger and safer global society, through the creation of millions of well-paying non-union jobs which in turn shall create a better quality of life for everyone.  In addition to a very measurable increase of economic growth with our strategic partner countries globally, it will also assist greatly in the growth of employment in the USA – thus creating A COMBINED GLOBAL ECONOMIC SUCCESS.

The VISTA Global Vision is: We can do anything once we put our minds to the task at hand. Second, we are relentless in our execution of that plan. The Core Values & Beliefs; Unique Technologies, Strong Synergies, Complete Solutions!!

Our Corporate Philosophy, Business Model, and Legacy Revenue Sharing Program.

At VISTA we have taken the responsibility of being a leader in powering our world with renewable energy through our URC – Build-Own-Operate Model.  Our 3rd generation true thermal gasification technology plants both in the USA and select cities internationally will be a showcase of innovation, profitability and solutions to the waste problems that affect us all.  VISTA has been fortunate to find the right strategic equity partners who share our vision, and are excited to join us in creating an everlasting legacy for generations to come.

VISTA considers each employee as an “associate”. We believe that each and every associate has an immediate vested interest in the success of VISTA and as such, will participate financially in that success. We are ALL considered shareholders in VISTA, including investors, senior management, and associates. This same business philosophy is carried over to ALL of our affiliate companies/partners who do business with VISTA worldwide. Collectively each is a valuable part of the entire success of VISTA International, Inc.

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