Company History

Vista International, Inc. (Vista) is located in Colorado, USA. We are a transformational company that has been devoted to the creation and expansion of businesses which supply innovative products and technologies to the global community for more than 18 years. As a technology holding company, Vista now brings together ideas and technologies which individually and in-concert promote self-sustaining community development.

Vista first started in the early 1980′s as a Business Consulting company under the name of New Horizons Development, Inc. with a focus on re-developing older buildings using government money for fixing up historical buildings. While working in the mid-west and central part of the USA in taking these old landmarks and providing new life to them, we always looked at how we could combine new technology without taking away the charm of the old and keeping the tax breaks for re-modernizing older landmarks.

During these years we came across new and interesting technologies that seemed to have great promise to make our projects unique and more desirable to the market. We were thinking “Green and Sustainable” long before it was an accepted practice.

During these years of re-development and venture into new and upcoming technologies, we had the chance to visit Southern California in the summer of 1983. After moving to California in 1983/84 we continued with our consulting business as well as expanding into consulting small business development (financing, re-organizing, global development, etc.).

In the late 1980′s we changed our name to Vista International, Inc. to reflect more of the direction we had taken in helping develop markets for a variety of technologies in a number of sectors. In the later part of 1993-94, a technology would come across our desk’s that would change the direction of Vista International, Inc. again, but only in that it meant we needed to think “outside the box” so we could secure long term success of this technology.

During this time Vista International clients have offered us opportunities to develop projects all over the globe. Projects have ranged from the design, implementation, arranging the financing and all the contractors for a number of conversions of both GA (General Aviation) airports into mixed-use developments and a number of former military installations in southern California.

Clients have requested assistance in purchasing several small charter passenger airlines and/or starting them from scratch. To do projects in South America, West Africa, Mexico and Asia to mention just a few countries, besides projects here in the USA.

All these projects would help us to live up to our commitment to the inventor that the technology would have its time in the limelight, but not before it was time and the market would be ready to accept it. So for the next 13 years we have worked to develop projects or locate other technologies that we could incorporate with this technology so it would be able to have its day on the global market.

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