Management Team

Corporate Office – USA

Chief Executive Officer

Being the Chairman and CEO of Vista International, Inc. Mr. Smith contributed his experience and wisdom to develop a strategic vision for the company. Combining In combining four primary operating divisions and one R&D division into a significant technology portfolio has resulted in synergy among the technologies that have enabled the company to be the leader in the renewable energy industry. Most recently he was appointed as an observer to an international organization known as the APP (Asia Pacific Partnership) along with other gentlemen from an 80 year old NYSE firm.

Mr. Smith has over twenty-six years of progressive experience in business development, strategic alliances, and financial markets. After departing Sam Houston State University, Mr. Smith provided business consulting services to a number of domestic and international organizations, including Air 21, Global Air Cargo, Texas Fire and Safety, Dow Chemical, Shell, MCI/WorldCom, Negev Technologies, Lucent, Ericsson, Lockheed Martin, GTE, FedEx, and American Airlines, to name a few. Mr. Smith negotiated agreements for commercial developments in the US, mainland China, the Caribbean, South America, Mexico, Europe, and in a number of countries. Some of the projects were the following industries: entertainment centers and theme parks in southern California and China, airport mixed-use commercial/industrial developments in the US and China, telecommunications, aviation, environmental developments, commercial developments and a number of other projects.

Over the last three years, Mr. Smith has developed relationships with a number of high ranking government officials in China, Mexico, St. Lucia, Europe, Bulgaria and Israel, which have helped him to secure the more than $15.0 billion USD in back-log of projects for the technologies that are now starting to encompass Vista International, Inc. core technology base. Within the last two years he has assembled a group of environmentally conscious technologies, that when synergistically combined, enable them to become far stronger than if they were operating independently. He has developed the financial relationships to fund these developments and related ventures with several NYSE firms and international development banks. These projects have ranged in value from $25 million to well over $5.0 billion USD. Mr. Smith is one of the founders of Alternative Energy Solutions, LLC and Vista International, Inc.

Chief Legal Officer and Interim Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Van Brauman was appointed the Chief Legal Officer, Interim Chief Financial Officer for Vista International, Inc in July 2009. From July 2007 until June 30, 2009, he held the positions of Chief Legal Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President for Zion Oil & Gas, Inc. (a publicly traded corporation on the NYSE-AMEX, symbol “zn”) and was also on its board directors and was the corporate secretary.

Mr. Van Brauman holds a B.E. degree from Vanderbilt University, a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree from St. Mary’s University and an M.B.A. (Beta Gamma Sigma) and LL.M. (Tax Law), from Southern Methodist University and has over 22 years of experience in corporate tax and accounting analysis.

Mr. Van Brauman is Board Certified in Tax Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. From October 2001 until July 2007, Mr. Van Brauman has been in private practice as Lowden Van Brauman LLP, which evolved into Gibson, Wiley, Cho & Van Brauman, PLLC. His areas of practice have involved (i) advising U.S. and foreign corporations on their worldwide tax structures both domestic (federal & state) and foreign and implementing those proposals through corporate and partnership formations, acquisitions, reorganizations, (ii) providing legal and tax consulting on cross-border transactions, (iii) advising on inbound, as well as outbound, U.S. tax issues for foreign corporations, (iv) proposing business models and implementing the execution by the formation, reorganization and conversion of domestic/foreign corporations, partnerships, and other types of business organizations, (v) performing the financial and tax due diligence of U.S. and foreign acquisitions and divestments (reviewing both domestic and foreign tax returns, financial statements and corporate documents and contracts) and (vi) reviewing U.S. tax filings for domestic and foreign corporations.

From January 2000 to October 2001, Mr. Van Brauman was a Senior Manager, International Tax Consulting Group, Grant Thornton LLP (National Position), where he advised U.S. and foreign corporations on their worldwide tax structures for global operations, provided legal and tax consulting on cross-border transactions, assisted foreign companies with tax planning and consulting with inbound, as well as outbound, U.S. tax issues, advised on International Tax Controversy work, including Tax Court litigation, and was an Instructor, Grant Thornton International Tax Academy. Previously, he spent 12 years as a Senior Attorney (International Specialist and Petroleum Industry Specialist) with the Office of Chief Counsel, IRS, providing legal support for complex issues arising in the Coordinated Examination Program (concerning major U.S. oil companies) and for the preparation of requests for Field Service Advice and Technical Advice Memoranda for the Petroleum Industry Group.

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