Technologies & Products of VISTA

Some of our Technologies and Products:

  • True Gasificationmodular energy and mini refinery plants each capable of handling 125 or 250 ton/day of Municipal, Industrial, Commercial, Agriculture and all other kinds of hydro-carbon waste streams producing electricity, fuels and other by-products. The plants can be designed to handle waste of more than 4,000 tons per day.
  • The conversion of synthesis gases derived from waste streams into – Alternative Fuels of a High Octane Liquid Fuel with a 110-130+ octane rating (USA – EPA approved).
  • Clean Coal– the cleaning of low BTU or waste coal such as ash and fines can increase energy values by 30% and combining it with our URC plants, you have a 100% renewable energy project
  • Complete Bio-Energy Solution’s– BES (Anaerobic & Aerobic) – Digester systems that process organic waste from farms and humans resulting in production of electricity, Compressed Natural Gas, fertilizers (solid & liquid), and recycled potable (drinkable) water. This is a fully integrated URC “Closed-Loop” process providing a complete viable environmental solution.
  • Low Wind Speed Generators used for rural, residential, schools, governments, wind farms, grid connection, etc. (operational in wind speeds of 2 mps to over 70+ mps).
  • SIPP’s – Energy Efficient Construction System – Easily assembled in a fraction of the time compared to traditional building; much higher energy efficient than wood, brick, blocks or even cement homes. The product is resistant to weather, fire, insect and unforeseen Mother Nature events. It is custom tailored to the building design and the panels are easily transported by truck, rail and can be containerized for shipping. SIP is a product designed and manufactured in the USA.
  • Complete piping infrastructure refurbishment capabilities – creating new pipes within old pipes without the need for tearing up the current infrastructure allowing the movement of freshwater and also wastewater from humans.

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