Bio-Energy Solutions

VISTA’s URC Bio-Energy Solution (BES) is another example of a transformational technology developed jointly by Australian and American ingenuity working together to create the VISTA URC BES system.

The Technology and Process

010The BES technology is an environmentally sustainable, renewable process focused on liquid bio-waste treatment and waste water recycling.  As well as delivering clear economic benefits, the BES technology contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gases through the capture of methane and its conversion into a viable fuel source. Other benefits include a reduction in the volume and cost of water usage in waste streams as well as greatly minimizing the odor and pollution caused by conventional waste handling methodologies. Anaerobic digesters harness naturally occurring bacteria to break down organic compounds and organic waste streams.

Methane gas is generated as a by-product of the digestion process, which is then used as a fuel in bio-gas generators to produce electricity or can be captured and compressed as Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).  After the waste water recycling process, the digesters separate natural fertilizers (nitrates, sulfates and phosphates which are marketable by-products) from the water. The result is the creation of non-potable water which can be reused on the farm for cleaning of the livestock pens and then sent back through the digesters eliminating the need for additional fresh water. An additional technology can be added that further filters the non-potable water into very clean drinking water of the highest quality.  The ending results are we have a 100% usage, meaning no dumping of solids into a landfill, ever.

Any waste solids left over, often referred to as a “cake” will be processed in conjunction with our TG systems which are usually apart of any BES project.  This “cake” is then converted into additional syngas, which generates electricity or GLG.011

This VISTA technology targets waste streams that are usually high in moisture content to provide farmers, foresters, municipalities, and food processors with cost effective, reliable waste treatment systems designed to produce renewable energy and eliminate environmental pollutants. Applicable (but not limited) to: beef feedlots; dairy, poultry and pig farms; large central livestock selling centers; food processors including large fruit canneries; dairy processors; municipal sewage treatment plants; Pacific Island resorts and other resorts in environmentally sensitive areas.

Each BES plant will produce an excessive amount of Syngas which will allow for enough electricity (one of many by-products) to support VISTA’s Global Data Centers (GDC) systems, offering more employment to these rural American communities and at the same time bringing Call Centers back to America instead of sending them offshore.  Additional high tech jobs can help entice the next generation of younger American and International farmers to stay on their farms supporting the heart and soul of America and these rural International communities, thus assuring a place to call home for future generations within the rural areas of the globe.

The combination of these three processes; TG, BES/GDC and URC, will literally transform how we look at processing 014all waste streams, even those that are high in moisture content, which traditionally is looked at as a hard to process waste stream.  As is the case with all URC type projects, all BES projects will be 100% indoors, resulting in with the mindset of “out of sight, out of mind” way of thinking. Most do not want these kinds of projects in their areas, but with the projects designed to look like nothing more than a large modern facility the public perception will be more acceptable than the typical old traditional style and design of everything being outside in the weather for everyone to see and more importantly have to deal with the smell.  There will be NO more smell and no unsightly operations to see at all hours of the day.

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