Strategic partners

Asia Pacific Partnership

  • US, China, Korea, Japan, Australia, India
  • Partners include several NYSE firms
  • Purpose to develop sustainable economies within these countries


 aruplogo         www.arup.com

With ARUP, we have a strategic partner we can count on no matter the project or its size.  They bring a firm loaded with talented and passionate individuals whom allow us to tackle projects most might walk away from. Their talents include but of course are not limited to: designers, planners, engineers and consultant with technical specialties that cover a very broad base of talents.

This world-class organization is highly qualified to work with us in our quest in building of new refineries, renewable energy and non-traditional power plants around the world.  ARUP is also experienced in building high-speed commuter railways, complete communities, Olympic villages – the list is almost endless.  For this reason we entrust our entire design, engineering and planning capabilities to ARUP.

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