Ultimate Recycling Center – URC


What is VISTA’s “Ultimate Recycling Center”? 

 It’s the future for managing all forms of waste in a single location.  It’s where we bring our two primary URC base technologies of; True Gasification(TG) & Bio-Energy Solution(BES). Then add two additional supporting technologies/processes of equally importance; Clean Coal and Alternative Fuels, resulting in all waste being recycled into something new and eliminating the need for landfills ever again.

 Each Ultimate Recycling Center (URC) location is completely indoors and incorporates the mindset of – Out of sight, out of mind.  We never see a stack, as there is no need for one; we smell nothing, for we eliminate that issue; what comes in is never seen again in its original form as it has a new life into something useable and good for the environment.

 We educate people to do things the opposite way they have been taught.  We want it easier for people dispose their general household and commercial waste as simple as possible.  We ask – Please ‘do not’ separate the waste.  Give it to us all in one bag, ben or waste container.  In truth, the planet and we will both love you for it. Why do we suggest this?

 We recycle it smartly, correctly and cost effectively, which is good for the environment.  We recycle locally, not bale things up and ship them across the ocean or across country, so we can repurchase them again at a higher cost.  NO, let’s be smarter and recycle it locally the VISTA way.

 URC means really what it says; we will recycle all kinds of waste. Such as but not limited to the following:

 MSW – Municipal Solid Waste – all household wastes including plastics, paper, clothing, glass, metals, ceramics, etc.

RDF – Waste Tires

Commercial and Industrial Waste – solids and liquids

Biomass – greenery waste, trees, trimmings, etc.

Manures – human and animal waste streams – liquids and solids

Agriculture – farming, aquaculture, fishing,

Sludge of all sorts – motor oil and lubricants, refinery waste, etc.,

Waste or low BTU coal – fines, ash and sludge with low energy value,

Flare gases – from refineries and landfill captures into energy and fuels

Medical – low grade non-hazardous


Other waste may include these and lots more:

 Construction materials

Computers, electronic appliances, old vehicles, etc. 

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